Joel Soroka Gallery


June 13, 2010


1928. Frantisek Drtikol: 10 Modernist Nudes is a portfolio of photographs by a leading figure of twentieth-century Czech photography. The portfolio is published in a print-run of thirty numbered copies plus five artist proofs made from the original glass negatives. In a 24 x 30 cm format, they have been executed using the original pigment-print technique. Apart from Drtikol’s vintage prints, no new prints of these ten negatives had been made since the 1930s. Each print in the portfolio is signed by Drtikol’s only daughter, Ervina Boková-Drtikolová, who provided the exclusive copyright to enable the photographs to be made. In archive mounts, they come in a box designed by Otakar Karlas, a renowned Czech graphic artist. The pigment prints were made by Michal Macku under the supervision of Vladimír Birgus.

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